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deep tissue, swedish, sports, prenatal, oncology and lymphatic wellness massage

Massage Cupping, Hot Stone Therapy, Bamboo Fusion, Aromatherapy are complimentary

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Massage Options

These are the basic massage types that we offer at Simply Bliss. Click on a massage below to learn more about these therapies and how they can help.

During a deep tissue massage your therapist will target specific areas to release adhesions, which are rigid areas of tissue that can cause pain and chronic tension as well as restrict range of motion. Therapists often incorporate swedish techniques using long, broad strokes. When combined with a deep pressure this helps release tension in the fascia, which is the sheathing that surrounds the muscles. You may request deeper pressure just in a problem area as well. This is still considered a deep tissue massage and remember,  the amount of pressure can be adjusted at any time to assure your comfort!

Swedish massage is the most common and well known type of massage. It is generally associated with a lighter pressure but can be combined with deep tissue. During the massage, long strokes follow the direction of blood flow toward the heart to stimulate circulation. In addition to relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation and range of motion swedish massage is very relaxing.

Sports massage is used to help the body recover from intense workouts. It’s beneficial in preparation for an event, recovery from an event as well as throughout training. Deep tissue and cupping are most commonly combined during the session to provide rapid muscle, joint and fascial relief. Although, each massage is tailored to meet the specific needs of the athlete and treatment will depend on the goals of the session. For instance, during a post event massage pressure will be lighter depending on how recent the event took place. Sports massage is most commonly utilized for injury prevention and muscle recovery to promote optimal performance.

Prenatal massage is most commonly utilized for it’s relief from the unique aches and pains that arise during pregnancy and is designed to be relaxing and soothing with extra time spent in any areas of soreness. Very beneficial to both mother and baby, studies show regular prenatal massage helps guard against anemia, leg cramps, backaches, edema and fatigue while enhancing sleep quality and even reducing the length of labor!

Oncology Massage is performed by a therapist who knows how to adjust the massage based on where you are in your treatment. There are many possible benefits to massage during and after cancer treatment including an improvement in sleep quality and quantity, as well a decrease in anxiety, depression and even pain! Massage helps to decrease scar tissue and neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.

This is a soothing massage which can be performed with massage cupping that aids the body in moving the lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying away waste and while often overlooked is quite crucial in protecting against illness and helping to heal injuries. It works almost parallel to the circulatory system but does not have a pump. If lymph doesn’t move it can stagnate in your body and massage is a wonderful way to gently stimulate the flow of lymph.

Can be added to an appointment directly after your massage and takes approximately 30 minutes. During this treatment small facial cups are used to drain lymph fluid. These cups do not leave “cupping marks” like the larger cups used on the body. The facial cupping is commonly referred to as a “facelift” due to the profound impact it has on the regeneration of the skin, reduction of puffiness and stimulation of collagen. It also helps to open the sinuses and relieve some headaches!

During a couples class your therapist will teach you how to safely massage your partner with proper body mechanics. You will learn techniques to relax and soothe your other half! Classes are $100 an hour, with 2 hours recommended.

Enjoy your massage with a spouse or friend! During a couples massage two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. Couples massages cost $170 for one hour, or $220 for 90 minutes.

Upgrade Options

These upgrades are now free! Combine whichever therapies you prefer or consult your massage therapist to see what will achieve the best results given your goals.

Our newest exciting technique that uses a negative pressure to help relieve adhesions in muscles and fascia. A plastic cup is placed on the body and a vacuum pump is used to create a gentle pull on the tissue. It does not hurt and just like pressure in massage the negative pressure of the cup can always be adjusted to your comfort. This technique is mainly used in conjunction with massage and effects a lasting change in the tissue very quickly.

This incredible therapy helps to warm the tissue and increases circulation as the heated stones are used to massage and sometimes left in an area. It is a wonderful compliment to deep tissue, swedish, sports massage and even cupping!

Warm, smooth bamboo tools are used to massage for many different results including deep tissue and swedish massage. It is a wonderful compliment to oncology as well as cupping.

Pure essential oil is used along the spine and in other areas of the body to achieve the benefit of your choice. Options include calming, balancing, uplifting and other wonderful aromas. There is also a pain relief option that tingles and soothes. A wonderful complement to any massage!

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